Itaipava Sao Paolo Indy 300 Presented by Nestle – What Did I See?

A street race that you can pass!?!? A straight that you hit 193MPH on a street race!?!? Josef Newgarden going for the win!?!? Takuma Sato leading until the last corner, going for TWO wins in a row!?!? Penske and Ganassi boys not a factor!?!?

Well, if you saw the same race as I did, you could appreciate another awesome street race. Yes, I wrote that very clearly. I think it is time that everyone takes notice that IndyCar is on the rise, doing very well but needs Mark Miles to make a big splash by making NBC, ABC, or someone show ALL races on Network TV. No more waiting, no more excuses, no more being the black sheep of motorsports.

As a fan I’m static that IndyCar product is sooo good. As a businessman I’m dissapointed that this product is being missed by much of America mainstream due to a TV deal that at the time made sense but now is just an anchor holding back the series.

The Sambadrome was full of Brazilians showing the big support and fans IndyCar has outside mainland US. The series needs to appeal all fans and having international races helps promote the IndyCar product.

One big plus of having Sato (Japan), Hinchcliffe (Canada), Servia (Spain), Kanaan (Brazil), and Newgarden (USA) battling for the lead and win is the potential attention-grabbing news and highlights that can bring new and old fans back to IndyCar from different countries.

Congrats to James Hinchcliffe on his 2nd win as well as Takuma Sato, Marco Andretti for the podium finish. My BIG applause goes to Josef Newgarden who finally is showing his skills with results. He should win one by the end of the year (you read it here first!).



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